Tutorial: Make Yourself A Watercolor Palette

Hey guys! Here is my first tutorial. It is for beginner watercolorists and illustrators. I show my way of picking the right colors before starting a new picture by using my self-made paper color palette.

In this video you will learn how I made it, and how you can make yourself one too if you think it is useful for you. I love this little tool, because it helps me a lot with picking a harmonious color palette. I always had „color issues“ and admired everyone who was able to pick colors matching each other perfectly. For me that never worked. But since I think about the coloring before starting a new picture, since I work with limited color palettes, there are no „color issues“ anymore, which makes me really happy. If you walk in the same shoes, then my paper palette is maybe the right tool for you too. Check it out!

Thank you for watching!

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