Hello! I am Katinka Horváth, the illustrator behind Ann December. Ann is my second given name, and December is the month I was born in. I grew up in Köppern, a very small town in the middle of Gemany, located between fields, forests, and hills. We had a big dog when I was a kid, and I was responsible for the afternoon walks. These times in nature, only accompanied by my dog Eyka, still have a huge influence on my life and work. Being kind to animals, living a vegetarian life, and spending as much time in nature as I can, are very important to me.

I am specialized in fabric pattern design and stationery, but I also love to paint children characters, dwarfs, elves, animals, and nature. I am professional in both traditional and digital media. Currently I especially love to work with watercolors, colored pencils, and digitally with the Adobe Apps on the iPad.

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1983-1998 Waldorf School Frankfurt am Main (including one year Holton High School, KS, USA)

2001-2008 Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (graduating in cultural anthropology, German literature, and political science)

2014-2015 HTK Hamburg (Desktop Publishing – Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)


Watch this time-lapse video to learn more about my process:

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