Hello! I am Katinka Horváth, the illustrator behind Ann December. Ann is my second given name, and December is the month I was born in. I grew up in Köppern, a very very small town in the middle of Gemany, located between fields, forests, and hills. We had a big dog when I was a kid, and I was responsible for the afternoon walks. It was these times in nature, only accompanied by my dog Eyka that have influenced my life and work the most. Being kind to animals and protecting nature are very important to me.


Ann December Illustration

I am specialized in children’s books, editorial, and stationery, and I love to paint children characters, dwarfs, elves, animals, nature, and everything sentimental or magical.


1983-1998 Waldorf School Frankfurt am Main (including one year Holton High School, KS, USA)

2001-2008 Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (graduating in cultural anthropology, German literature, and political science)

2014-2015 HTK Hamburg (Desktop Publishing – Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)


Watch this time-lapse video to learn more about my process:

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